Synopsis Critique

1-3 pages: $40

4+ pages: $40 + $2/page

Plus single-page query letter: Add $20

Synopsis critique is a very flexible service in which you can request a range of help with your book’s summary. It can be helpful in assessing your story from a bird’s-eye viewpoint, or in developing a new concept. I can also provide assistance with creating a clear outline of your story’s most vital major points for sales proposal materials.

Note that this is synopsis-only, not the same thing as evaluation of a full book proposal.

Query critique involves a time and knowledge commitment from me to you in which I write you up an explanation of what’s clear and unclear in your query;  style, structure and etiquette points; and what to draw from in your story to write a strong summary paragraph. To add a query critique to your synopsis, please add $10 to your total fee.


  • When beginning to develop a new idea — before your first draft
  • As an assessment tool for self-editing after your first draft
  • Contest entry preparation — where your entry will consist of sample chapters plus synopsis
  • When preparing to sell a completed manuscript or seek agent representation


You can request whatever kind of assistance is most useful to you:

  • Feedback on plot, character, thematic, structural and conceptual considerations
  • Creative guidance: A sounding board for your ideas
  • Brainstorming assistance: Questions to help you develop your concept
  • Feedback on clear vs. unclear expression of the story idea — arc, structure
  • How to summarize for clarity and relevance within a limited space of 1-2 pages

Depending on your needs, I’ll reply with a general evaluation letter or with inline support comments on the synopsis itself.

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