From the Editor's Desk

Links from Around the Writing World

Dialogue meets action in this post on characterization from Comma Drama.

Paraprosdokian: a key feature in keeping narrative and/or interior monologue interesting, as illustrated by Ane Mulligan.

Award-winning author Alton Gansky on the changing face of publishing and various paths to publication.

From awhile back: Mike Duran talks about the black-hat practice of ghost reviewers. You can make your reputation, or fake your reputation. Why you’d want to be a fake, I don’t know.

I love agent Tamela Murray’s reflections on working with your publisher re: the editing thing that will happen to you.

SciendaQ: just getting going, but man, these kids can write. In other shameless plugs, what I’ve been up to on the writing side of my life.

And one from the business world: Dave Fleet on what all those Facebook changes are about, if you use FB as part of your platform.


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