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Links from Around the Writing World: Rejection, Acceptance, and Building Your Name

Trying to figure out what to make of rejection feedback? Agent Tamela Murray with great info again in this explanation of rejection letters.

What about the work that does get accepted? Terry Burns gives some figures on how submissions work out by the numbers, and why there are so many of those rejection letters. Remember that by his definition of “credible publishing,” what matters is sales, not how the book got out there…it’s about figuring out the path to audience connection, whatever that may be for you.

A book title that hooks with irony and implied conflict: All Good Men Serve the Devil. That’s how it’s done.

A basic orientation to the concept of social media as business tool, for those new to the idea. Keep in mind, every kind of business has its own approach, and being a writer is a unique type of entrepreneurship.

Kristen Lamb discusses failure as the path to success. This is the site to browse for author-tailored social media info.

Over at Writer’s Digest online, Brian Klems discusses 12 Do’s and Don’t of Writing a Blog. It’s not as intimidating as it sounds.

Agent Rachelle Gardner answers the question, Is There a Market for Christian Books? Good discussion in the comments.


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