About Me

I wrote my first story at the age of six. It was a full three and a half pages long, with nearly an entire sentence per page. I still remember sitting back and feeling epic, dude.

I survived my years as a creative personality in a small-town jock high school by staying up writing till the wee hours of the morning and doing my homework on the bus. Also by sleeping through Chemistry, cartooning through French class, and thus narrowly missing the honor roll…but we’re here to talk about the writing.

I began freelance writing in 2004, and editing the work of others in 2006. Since then, my goal has been simply to do the work I really love, with people I can really dig. My clients, friends and business colleagues have made my life rich.

Not quite as rich as this gaggle, though:

That’s a few years ago, but we’re still raising them…as my husband says, we child-proofed the house, but they keep getting back in anyway. I hear it’s a lifetime thing.

Also, there’s this guy, my love, the heart of my whole life, and my greatest strength:

So that’s me: writer, editor, wife to a guy named Dave the King of Awesomeness, and mom to four wild (but not uncultivated) children. Here’s more about my work.

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