Writing and Your Mental Health

Over the last year, I’ve been strongly reminded that I can’t write the stuff that really comes from my core when I’m stressed out.

And especially not when that stress is related to writing.

In defense of the art, it’s never the writing’s fault, but sometimes the people or circumstances associated with it have detrimental effects. Here are some takeaways from my years of freelance writing.

6 Awkward Traits that Make You Perfect for Writing

Photo by Greg Burkett on Flickr - License: CC BY 2.0

Feeling weird and out-of-place? Wondering if you’re an artistic reject? Considering a massive personality renovation in order to subdue those suspicious and skeptical glances that come your way? Pish-posh, I say! Those unusual traits are your arsenal of secret weapons as a word-warrior. Here’s what you can tell people when you’ve had enough of the raised eyebrows…


“But let’s talk about the act of editing. Some editors do it and some editors don’t. Most modern editors believe that line-editing—going over sentences for consistency—is what editing is all about. That’s […]

What I Think About Editing Your Work

When your writing comes to me, do I sit back and groan? No, actually, there are standard things that go wrong for writers, and I’m really used to seeing them. I don’t bat an eye about those. As I begin with a new client, I’m thinking about you. When I look at your writing, I’m looking at your imagination, your unique way of seeing the world, and I’m looking at what’s most important to you about life and the world. My job is to help you bring those things out clearly and strongly.