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Industry-Average Rates


Currently I’m working only with existing clients. I regret to inconvenience anyone, and hope you’ll find the various articles and links on the site useful in your search for more information on writing.

For my clients’ reference:

My current rate for manuscript evaluation is $0.01 USD/word. This is the hands-off revision letter you usually use.

Substantive content editing for both fiction and nonfiction, on the slight chance you should need it, is $0.03 USD/word.

Of late, rather than a one-pass heavy book doctoring, I’ve been dividing this service into multiple passes to handle content and line work. The fee is then also broken down by work segment.

Copyediting is $30 USD/hour. I’ll do a trial run to determine a project quote, discuss with you, and base the contract on that.

As usual, fees are payable in advance by PayPal.

Rates Comparison

Average editing rates are available from the Editorial Freelancers’ Association.

More Info

My name is Cathi-Lyn, and I’m a content editor with a primary specialty in full-length fiction works.

I’m known as an exacting but tenderhearted word butler who keeps clients smiling through their revisions–if not outright laughing and spewing coffee on their computer screens. Hey, when you work as hard as you do to create a book, it should be fun.

I have a strong skillset in all areas of editing, from proofreading to substantive. I work with both ECPA/CBA (religious) and family-friendly ABA (general market) material. I’m committed to meaningful storytelling that contrasts life’s darkness with a strong dose of light.

Finding an audience is not a guaranteed prospect, but some things in the writing life are. Whether you end up choosing to self-publish, go with a specialized small press, or seek a fit within mainstream commercial publishing, it’s guaranteed you’ll need to tell a great story. I can help you with that.

  • My work experience includes beginners to published authors; contractor services to magazine publishers, book publishers, and author publicity firms; and creative writing instruction.
  • Areas I’ve worked in: acquisitions, substantive editing, line editing, copyediting/proofing, writing mentorship.